The SparkHub platform is a simple & secure analysis hub for all of your sensor data.

The platform collates and learns from all of your sensors smart data and presents them in a readable and intuitive format for detailed analysis and automation.

The data sent to the platform is analysed, sorted and then stored in your account. Accessible from your computer, tablet or smartphone, where you can read invaluable information and set notification.


This in turn can help you generate valuable insights and can  identify areas where you can save money, improve security, develop new business systems and enhance staff workflow.



  • Live data
  • Intelligent insights
  • Agile statistics
  • Instant notifications
  • Cumulative data
  • Smart predictions
  • Automation
  • Deep learning & AI
  • Dynamic data ingestion
  • Event logging
  • Time comparisons
  • Value comparisons



Our platform and pods can be custom designed to sense or monitor any given situation. We can design a device just for you and the platform has been created to be dynamic and adaptable therefor able to incorporate anything new sent to it.