Plant Sensor

Get ready to harvest.

This smart plant sensor is great for a single plant, a home garden or commercial crops and monitors the moisture in the ground and informs you whether the soil surrounding your plants are either too saturated or too dry.

Maintaining the perfect levels of soil moisture in your garden or crop can help your plants get a steady supply of nutrients and the right amount of water to flourish. 24hr monitoring of the plants living conditions so that you can be notified if anything goes outside of its normal boundaries.

This mains or solar powered sensor is a wireless thermometer and hygrometer reading the temperature and humidity of your plants or soil. Knowing your plants environmental surroundings will help you adjust your watering schedule accordingly or automate irrigation system.
Indoor and outdoor models both have remote monitoring via the SparkHub platform and are analysed so that historically logged values and predicted issues can be displayed. This also allows instant notifications.
The plant sensor pods can even measure parameters like the amount of sun your plants has been exposed to or how much water they’ve had all this leads to you being able to cultivate healthier plants.
Water proof and solar powered the pods are completely self-sufficient making them easy to deploy and maintenance free.


Sensor features

  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Moisture
  • Dew point
  • Battery level
  • Wifi strength

Long term analysis