Motion Sensor

SparkHub motion sensors can detect movement and have a wide range of uses in commercial applications whilst also providing an ever-growing range of uses in the domestic market.

One application is activating automatic doors in businesses and public buildings.


Another common use is the motion sensors can also be used as occupancy sensors for example activating outdoor lights or indoor lights, such as corridors and stairs. This use of smart lighting systems conserve energy by only powering the lights when needed.


The sensors double up as a burglar alarm that can be used to alert the home owner or security employees when it detects movement of a possible intruder. A motion detection can also trigger a security camera to record the possible intrusion.


Every motion detection is logged to the SparkHub platform which is analysed for patterns, Intelligent insights and Smart predictions.


Indoor & Outdoor version available.


Sensor features

  • Movement
  • Wifi strength
  • Instant Notifications

Long term analysis